Consider donating your time and energy towards building stronger communities for GSD Seniors! Whether you’re looking to volunteer on the Board or just help with an activity, there are opportunities for everyone. You can find current opportunities here, or Just get in touch with us.

The DSS Founding Members

The DSS Founding Members



Currently Dignity Seniors Society is choosing not to apply for Registered Charity Status as we do not have the structure to support the requirements that come with this designation. Charities are required to use their resources for charitable purposes and have extensive tax and reporting requirements. We anticipate we will apply for Registered Charity Status as the organization grows.

In the meantime, we are very open to accepting your donations to further our mission and vision and support our activities, however we are not able to issue a receipt for tax deductions. Should you wish to donate to the DSS we will meet with you personally to discuss how we can best use your donation to ensure mutual satisfaction with the outcome.

To discuss a donation please fill out this contact form with ‘Donation’ in the subject line - thank you