Housing was the original focus of the DSS (then the Dignity Seniors Housing Action Committee DSHAC). To see the history of how the DSHAC transitioned into the DSS, please read this page. The DSS is committed to working with a number of stakeholders to ensure our communities are served well and that housing needs are met in a part of the world where housing can be a challenge. We highlight the unique housing needs of GSD communities and are working on issues like “first available APPROPRIATE bed” for care facilities; cultural safety in care facilities and organizations serving GSD seniors; providing information on unique housing models that are working for GSD seniors in other cities and other parts of the world.

Useful Housing Resources

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West End Seniors Network - WESN has a housing worker that can help you explore your housing options.

QMUNITY - has developed a ‘cultural safety’ training program for seniors care facilities to ensures staff and residents are aware of GSD Seniors’ specific needs. QMUNITY also has volunteers that can help you stay in your own home longer by supporting you with simple tasks.

 Senior’s Housing Blogs