Housing, In-Home Care and Care Facilities

Dignity Seniors Society is comprised of a group of GSD individuals who are committed to providing information and advocacy to service providers that serve or potentially serve our communities. We hope that you find what you are looking for on our website, but please feel free to contact us with your questions, requests or suggestions.

Housing was the original focus of the DSS (then the Dignity Seniors Housing Action Committee DSHAC). DSHAC secured some small grants for feasibility studies for a BC based GSD Housing Project. For results of this phase of our work please read more here.

The DSS is committed to working with a number of stakeholders to ensure our communities are served well and that housing needs are met in a part of the world where housing can be a challenge.

Service Providers ‘Housing’ Resources

Does your organization meet the DSS Standards of Cultural Acumen - see how you and your organization are doing by watching these two videos: part one; part two

Does your agency require GSD Seniors’ Cultural Awarness Training? find options here.

You provide services to support GSD Seniors:

In their own home.

In a registered care facility.

Toronto Long-Term Care Homes and Services developed ‘Diversity Our Strength’ a tool-kit for GSD competent care in long-term care homes and services.

In GSD specific housing and care options.

Executive Summary of DHAC Market Survey 2015

Draft Discussion Paper - A vision for LGBT specific housing in BC - Alex Sanga 2012

BC Housing Report – Selected Need and Demand Indicators for LGBT Seniors Housing in Vancouver