Seniors share their home through the new service 'Happypad'

Launched in Kelowna BC, Happypad is a home sharing service which the developers believe offers a solution to housing affordability and social isolation. The DSS Board has discussed this model several times over the years, but have never had the resources to develop the system that Happypad have recently launched. DSS has contacted Happypad to ensure they have non-binary language in their application process and optional sexual orientation questions in their profile matching. We are also interested to explore how a GSD specific matching service may work and if DSS could help.

The challenges of space sharing can be difficult, however Happypad aim to match people through their service to try to avoid issues and will ‘intervene’ should a conflict arise. The benefits can be multiple - income and company for the senior and affordable accommodation and possible mentoring/role-model for the renter. You can negotiation the ‘house rules’ to ensure the arrangements suit you both, which could potentially include negotiating lower rent for light ‘chores’ such as shopping/housework .

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