Simon Fraser University - Gerontology fosters a strong LGBT2SQ Focus

Thanks to the amazing work of Professor Gloria Gutman over many years, SFU has become the place to go for LGBT2Q Seniors research. Students and Professors have focused on issues of isolation, elder abuse and end of life planning with a specific look at the needs and nuances of LGBT2Q Seniors. The SFU website - ‘LGBT End of Life Conversations’ provides a wealth of information for seniors and service providers. The website introduction reads:

“Our mission is to foster effective communication, create community and facilitate care for LGBT persons at the end-of-life. We aim to raise awareness of the unique challenges that this population faces as they age and approach end-of-life. Our goal is to go beyond education and provide LGBT persons and their service providers with tools that will empower them to take positive action in regards to end-of-life planning.” Read more here.